Top Ten Global Consumer Trends - Sarah Pavlou


Euromonitor International recently published a white paper about Top 10 Global Consumer Trends 2022. You can view it here. RTC asked Sarah Pavlou to give her thoughts.

With change comes the wonderful words innovation and opportunity and for those with creative souls and commercial drive this is an exciting time to be in business…

This has been a fantastic read and some headlines include…

There is an increased culture of ‘caring’ that has emerged where we are investing in the future of oneself and generations to come, from finances to family, planet to purchases.

Life’s purpose and individual passions are more prominent than ever, the WHY is becoming a bigger question than ever before.

Generational gaps are closing as digital is no longer a fear but a best friend for the elderly generation and this share of knowledge across generations is bringing the youngsters and the elderly closer together.

Consumers are seeking partnerships from their products and services, brands that connect and support their feelings, as well as their needs whilst they, navigate this continuously changing world.

The world is expanding from universe to metaverse and all verses provide consumers with identity, image, confidence, respect, they are of equal street cred. From music to fashion to gaming to AR/VR – all worlds and mediums are becoming one and one enormous opportunity at that. Opportunities are endless.

Tiktok host the new media influencers for brands globally and demonstrate the importance of instant impact through video.

Giving life to preowned items is a key contributor to a more caring culture and sustainable world – vintage, repurpose, recycle, recreate, sewing, crafting etc. all opportunities to bring back the waste not want not culture where ‘value’ is on the increase and individuals revisit or explore old ways as today’s new.

Individualism and uniqueness are a MUST, whilst we focus on a the world of EDI, how we live will become more and more personalised and this re-purpose/ use culture allows us to recreate ourselves, our wardrobes, our homes, our gardens, our lives, our looks, with our own unique touch.

Rural equals restful. Urban is to unwind and green is to generate a human energy that so many now consider an essential part of life.

We want to care about ourselves more, the world we live in more, our families more, our friendships more, our homes more, our lifestyles, our pets, our purchases and the list continues….

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