Innovating in an Online World: Are you as safe as you think?

In this webinar, ELEVATE partnership with Innovate UK EDGE, we explore how companies are innovating online, how we need to adapt to stay safe and the trends in cyber security.

Over the last year, we have moved almost all our activities online – from working, to shopping, to education – which has brought with it a myriad of challenges and opportunities. Some companies, like Ocado, have flourished and seen record growth, whilst others have struggled to maintain security protocols. Our range of experts share their experiences and how working with Innovate UK EDGE has helped them to navigate this rapidly changing landscape. Speakers: Ilona Alcock – Elevate; Pete Flaherty – Innovate UK EDGE; Chris Jones – Innovate UK EDGE; Oliver Quaye - Home Office Cyber Security; Henry Platten – GoBubble; Saskia Coplans – Digital Interruption; and Andrew Leaitherland -

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