Target: Master Social Media for your business

Course length: 1 Day Programme

With social media becoming an increasingly crowded field, it can be difficult to get your voice truly heard. Taking control of your digital presence is the best way to make sure you have the strongest say in the way your brand is portrayed online and beyond. Your business is being talked about, and probably online. Taking part in that narrative gives you the opportunity to define your brand, rather than let others define it on your behalf.

Programme outline:

• Understanding how to use social media to conduct market research

• Benefits and risks of promoting products and services using social media

• How applications can be used effectively for your business

• Creating an appropriate social networking profile for your product or service

• Communicating effectively with others to promote your business

Registration through Eventbrite will act as an expression of interest, following which a member of our team will contact you to confirm your place and discuss the full eligibility criteria, including relevant terms and conditions.

Following attendance at this workshop and successful completion of a short assessment, delegates will achieve a Level 2 Award in Promotion of Products and Services Through Social Media accredited by SFEDI.

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