Energy Catalyst Round 8 International Brokerage Event

Energy Catalyst Round 8 International Brokerage Event

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Be ready to apply for a share of up to £20 million across 3 strands to help provide clean, affordable and secure energy in sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia or both.

What is Energy Catalyst Round 8?

Innovate UK’s Energy Catalyst programme aims to support businesses to develop innovative, sustainable energy technologies and business models to accelerate clean energy transition in developing and emerging economies. 

A key focus is to address the clean energy access challenge in Sub-Saharan Africa and South/South East Asia. 

Energy Catalyst Round 8 will launch in June 2020 and is likely to follow similar scope and eligibility to Round 7 which had an early, mid and late stream. These brokerage visits form part of the collaboration-building to enable businesses to develop equitable partnerships between the UK and overseas organisations. 

Energy Catalyst is currently funded by the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) and Department for International Development (DfiD) as part of their Transforming Energy Access Programme. 


Ghana, Malawi, Nepal, Nigeria, Rwanda, S. Africa, Senegal, Togo, Uganda, Vietnam, Zambia.

Three Stages of the Visit

  • Getting Ready - Pre-visit briefing to provide background information on the market and training on how to improve your business and technology pitch for in-country brokering. Hints and tips session on applying to Innovate UK.
  • The Visit - Access to NGOs, local businesses, academics and governments who will be able to provide information about local opportunities. They may also become potential partners to apply into Energy Catalyst Round 8.
  • Helping you to make the best of the opportunity - Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) and Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) support to help you prepare your application.

Aims of the Visit

The key objectives of the international brokerage trips are to help organisations applying for the Energy Catalyst Round 8 to gain an understanding of the energy access issues in Sub-Saharan Africa and South/South East Asia and find links to potential partners who would be interested in submitting an Energy Catalyst Application.

Apply to take part

Please note the maximum number of GCRF visits an organisation can attend is two.