Service Network 2019

Ah December, a month full of magic, fairy lights and just a sprinkling of shopping stress!

It’s a period for quiet reflection and evaluation, not just in your personal life but also in your profession and that's exactly what we've been doing with our Service Network.

Service Network, established in 1995, was taken over by RTC North in the summer of 2016 and has delivered some fantastic events since then. In April our network became free to join and has welcomed over 150 new members through the doors just this year alone. Running 14 events with 210 members attending.

We’ve welcomed some fabulous sell out speakers including Voice in the Room, Jo Darby, partnered with NGI Solutions, W@terston’s and Horizonworks and New Results. Not forgetting our summer social which welcomed 40 members engaging and collaborating with one another.

It was in April this year that we made the decision to offer membership free for 2018/2019 so we could refocus, re-engage and create an events calendar worthy of your attendance.

The focus for 2019 is quite simple, it’s you.

We wanted to know what events you would like to see ran, why they’d be of interest and what makes Service Network valuable to you. We’re busy assessing your answers to ensure you get the best out of the free membership.

We are injecting new life into Service Network, behind the scenes we have been gathering data, listening to your voice, working on the website and come early 2019 we will be ready to showcase events you just can’t say no to!

Until then we wish you a Merry Christmas and we’ll see you 2019!

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