Our Chair on the future of Service Network

On the threshold of the 20th anniversary of Service Network, we caught up with our Chair Neil Warwick OBE, Head of EU and competition partner with North East commercial law firm, Square One Law.

In addition to his exceptional professionalism and expertise, Neil is well-known in the North East for his involvement in a variety of regional organisations and business groups and his enthusiasm for collaboration, building relationships and cooperation.

“As this year marks Service Network’s 20th anniversary, it’s the perfect opportunity to pause and reflect on what has been a challenging but equally exciting journey for the network.

“Service Network was created to help professionals all over the North East, network and meet with other like-minded businesses.

“We felt at the time of establishing it, there was no voice or indeed platform for professionals to discuss their frustrations, challenges and of course most importantly share knowledge. It was, therefore, Service Network’s aim to bring together knowledge-intensive businesses and to provide them with an opportunity to engage, learn and develop from each other.

“Twenty years later, Service Network has cemented its presence as a trusted provider of invaluable events, networking opportunities for the service sector in the North East. Its mission remains the same, a network to provide active, committed support to the North East’s professional services.

“Since RTC took over the network what has been clear is the extensive events programme they have been delivering and as we embark on our 20th anniversary I encourage ambitious professionals of any age to join this network and embrace the events created for you, by you.”

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