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An open bid for €38,000 grant funding has been launched by the FUTTA Consortium in order to stimulate innovation with EUROfusion-based technology.

The grant funding opportunity is aimed at demonstrators who can develop and test such technologies or the know-how to apply traditional non-fusion industries. The deadline for eligible applicants is February 28th 2020 and the grant will be awarded to two individual projects.

Priority shall be given to projects where there is a clear non-fusion commercial application with a customer group addressing defined needs, and for whom the transfer demonstrator may be used to gain commercial traction.

Allocation of the funding can be used to cover the demonstration of technical costs: from fusion technologies to non-fusion applications. Acceptable cots will be linked to the effective development of the projects, for example, workforce, materials, meetings or equipment.

To discuss your project needs or to find out more about the Eurofusion based technologies please get in touch with: or to apply go to:


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