Supply Chain client tests Innovative CO2 detection kit at STEM event


BPP-Tech have over 37 years’ experience providing engineering consultancy and risk advisory services to clients in the energy and utilities sectors.

Recently, BPP have been developing consumer products for the measurement and extraction of CO2, Particulates and Volatile Organic Compounds from indoor air volumes in which people work, rest and play.

Currently the ‘Clean Tech’ side of the business is taking the management and development skills from previous projects and adapting them in the development of Clean Technology.

Back in July 2019 the team engaged with RTC North following a NOF event after discussing planned expansion into additional business sectors with Supply Chain programme manager Alan Whittaker. Alan asked David Boath of RTC’s Innovation Team to assist BPP on the Clean Tech business. In addition to helping BPP win a grant to investigate the Intellectual Property behind some of BPP’s clean tech ideas, David suggested getting some product reaction and feedback from schools and pupils for the Clean Tech range.

In September colleagues from the firms Newcastle and London offices attended an event with several charters being raised for completion over the coming months.

The opportunity to learn more about the CO2 impacts and how levels can be measured within the daily environment is now available for schools, companies and members of the general public through the team.

Steven Proud, Principal Engineer at BPP-Tech said: “It is important for BPP to be involved in these events so that youngsters can see the benefits of working in these business sectors and learn about the influence they can have over their own future, along with those around them.  BPP also strongly believe we should not be simply passing on our knowledge to youngsters but learn what the youngsters are able to teach us.  This makes the process more interesting and important for all who are engaged.”








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