Ask RTC: Christmas Message From Sarah Pavlou


Are you adding rest to your calendar or is this your definition of failing or wasting time?

Don’t underestimate the value of rest and schedule downtime into your life and give yourself space and time to…


Stand back and look at the year you have experienced. Think about not only the impact on yourself and your loved ones but those within your business and think about how you can support everyone in finding a new and positive…


With your path cleared and the noise removed from your life, you can create a focus that allows your energy, time and efforts to be put to the most important aspects of life and work. Talk to those around you, friends and colleagues and…


Peers bring reality to the table and challenge your thinking. Talking to others like yourself allows you to share, learn, inspire and empower each other whilst taking away those all-important golden nuggets of information that allow you to be more


Motivation is the root to all that we do and feel and without it life can feel slower, harder and in some cases you lose your purpose and drive. Get engaged with your Why, remind yourself what motivated you to start any journey in your life and find that


With clarification, you begin to live your true self, and as Leaders when you have that clarity it filters down through your Senior leadership teams, your peers, your friends, and your family and ensures all those you connect with, bring to the table the best versions of themselves. As we reflect, we discover changes that are essential to our personal and professional growth, and to achieve this it requires…


Be committed!

This is your opportunity to start 2022 with a clear vision of where you see yourself and your business and as leaders, it is our role to demonstrate tenacity to those around us; to give them the rest to be able to evaluate, and ensure they too find their focus. Bring your people together to support one another in 2022 so they lean in and become more engaged and motivated in their why, and in turn your business why. All of this will bring clarity allowing all those at the table to persevere and drive your business to its full potential.

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