Reactive Design


Reactive Design is a Newcastle-based creative agency working with clients across the UK.

They provide a multi-channel service which covers all aspects of traditional and online marketing including branding, design for print, email marketing, websites and bespoke system development.

The business benefited from support through the Innovate2Succeed programme, following introduction and initial meetings with our Innovation Specialists in 2018.

The Challenge

The team at Reactive Design had reached a point where they were facing a business crossroad and were on the lookout for professional and objective opinion from trusted consultancy on best avenue to take the business into.

Andy Kennedy, Managing Director of Reactive Design said:

“Should we grow or consolidate as a business - we wanted to explore the options and tap into professional resources to help us make the decision.”

In addition to the main crossroad they were facing at the time, they had in front of them, it had become clear that the business needed to streamline and systemise processes in order to be able to create efficiencies and drive additional profit.

The Solution

Andy added:

“Through the Innovate2Succeed programme and working with RTC we were presented with new ways of thinking and techniques to help us achieve this.

“RTC helped us to focus on what was strategically important to us as a call business. Working with them and tapping into the knowledge and skill base of the consultants has certainly assisted us with systemising our business and has already in such a short time brought rewards.

The Impact

As a result of the intervention exercise, the team at Reactive Design have implemented a few radical changes which are already proving successful.

Andy explains:

“Each service offer now has its own system (flow chart), which details key actions and responsibilities. This has led to clarity when communicating with clients and provides staff with a clearly defined map of how a piece of work is managed and delivered.

“Current plans are to consolidate for a 6-month period after which we aim to follow a plan for growth which we are currently developing. Our main goal is to double turnover and increase profitability through working efficiently and employing the techniques developed with the invaluable help of RTC.”

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