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Hartlepool-based marketing agency Publicity Seekers recently received support through the Innovate 2 Succeed programme after meeting one of our Business Advisors, Nick Devitt, at the Digital Scale-up Programme.

The Challenge

Samantha Lee, Managing Director of Publicity Seekers said:

“We were offered access to Nick as part of the Digital Scale-up programme for some one-to-one coaching and we worked with him on fully understanding our customer journey for the three of the businesses we run. It's always great to have someone help you see things from your clients' perspective as sometimes you lose sight of that and just concentrate on your services.

“As a lot of our clients are long-term, we take for granted that new or potential clients know what we are all about, so have to go back to putting ourselves in their shoes.

The Solution

“The team came together for a full customer planning session and we were all focused on the customer experience and that everything we do should align with that.”

Nick aided with research and review of potential customer acquisitions and helped Publicity Seekers develop a customer journey process. They reviewed their value proposition together and refined offer identify customer types in order to target the ideal clients for their business offering. Samantha continues:

“Nick provided invaluable advice and strategic and innovative business know-how on finding and retaining our ideal customers.

The Impact

“After 12 years in business, Publicity Seekers is growing all the time, as am I. It was great to get insights from Nick and the team at RTC, who also helped with some research and development work and we will continue to hopefully grow into the future.

“In 2019 will be a real push on our two other businesses. Hype-Hunter and a PR tool for new start and small businesses, which will be part of the Publicity Seekers' brand.”

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