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Knowing which health apps to use can be a difficult task for consumers, health care professionals and national health bodies, especially with over 327,000 to chose from! Most of us use health apps at some stage, whether it’s to help us with our diets, keep track of our steps, or an app specific to your health requirements. A whopping four million health apps are downloaded by users every day, which makes Orcha Health all the more important. 

ORCHA is the Organisation for the Review of Care and Health Applications. Their main purpose is to carry out independent and impartial reviews of health and care related apps and to present this information clearly through their website and professional platforms. They use a clinically and academically validated framework to thoroughly assess apps and present the results in an easy to search app database.

Their live platforms make it easy to find relevant apps by category or keyword, and the relevant apps reviewed are summarised with two main scores – Value and Risk, as well as identifying key functions of the app.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge of Orcha was how quickly the company was growing. Growth is great for any company, although with growth comes change and bigger responsibility. Orcha were also unsure where exactly to focus their efforts, with such a high growth rate and so many possibilities, Orcha needed a helping hand in the right direction.

The Solution

RTC North worked with Orcha on their Innovation Management and overall strategy, with particular focus on exploitation of the product. Mike Skinner, Innovation Advisor was also able to help Orcha with their value proposition, helping them to effectively market why their product was important, rather than what it did.

The Impact

As a result of the support provided by RTC North through the Innovate2Succeed programme, Orcha’s turnover increased 220% this financial year and will be reporting profit at year end. The company is now trading in the Republic of Ireland and Holland, with other countries in the pipeline. They also won the NHS Approved Assessor Contract, and have been able to take on three new members of staff off the back of RTC’s advice, including two app reviewers and an app analyst. They have grown from 7 - 25 members of staff this year and aim to grow to 50 staff by the end of the year.

Orcha have also developed a new product - Digital Healthy Schools - launched January 2019 into 440 secondary schools.

Most impressively though, Orcha has become a name that brands are now proud to be associated with, using their validation for credibility. 


Liz Ashall-Payne, CEO of Orcha Health said:

“I found the support and delivery process very simple, all admin was made extremely easy. RTC really understood where we are as a company, why we need the support and helped identify where we needed to focus our energy. I would definitely recommend their services.”

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