Omega Diagnostics Ltd


Founded in Stirling, Scotland in 1987, Omega Diagnostics Ltd.’s global reputation stems from humble beginnings as a manufacturer of test kits for a range of infectious diseases

In 2006, Omega Diagnostics Group PLC was formed with a strategy to acquire additional products through acquisitions and now focuses on selling a wide range of specialist products, primarily in the immunoassay, in vitro diagnostics (IVD) market.

The Challenge

The company signed up for the SMAS (Scottish Manufacturing Advisory Service) programme in summer 2018 as it was seeking help with the rollout of a new 5S programme, aimed at tackling four discrete production areas of the business - Primary Production, Dilution, QC Lab and Machine Area.  

The Solution

Jim Barr, Management Consultant at RTC North worked with the company on the introduction of 5S and provided training on its application to all staff. Jim’s responsibility was to ensure they become completely self-sufficient and thereafter could effectively roll the new system out to other areas of the business, as well as to capture any benefits as a result of this work, in terms of efficiencies and savings.

Wanda Black, Technical Transfer Manager at Omega Diagnostics said:

“The team have already started to the roll out to a further two departments including the training of the next group of staff from across the departments.

“Jim has helped to initiate an audit schedule to ensure the sustainability of the 5S. The audits include a monthly audit by two members of the management team to ensure that the current enthusiasm for the project is sustained across the company and highlight the management commitment to the process.

It is envisaged that by the end of summer 2019 the process will have been rolled out to all manufacturing areas with office areas to follow.”


The Impact

As a result of this exercise, significant awareness training and application was undertaken across several areas of the business, and project champions were identified and trained to further embed good 5S practice in other areas of the business.

It also generated savings in terms of walking time (Motion and Transport), in all the areas identified, with one of the areas saving two-thirds of the overall walking time, by re-laying out their QC Lab.

Wanda added:

“The support given by SMAS has allowed us to successfully train a core team of employees in the principles and practice of 5S. The team is confident that they will be able to roll out the project to the remainder of the company.

“The programme has helped to highlight issues which although simple fixes were being missed and having a detrimental effect on product."

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