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Based at the Sci-Tech site at Daresbury,  Nucleotide Nutrition is a newly formed company bringing new and innovative food supplements to the market. Their product range aid and improve health naturally, and includes consumer supplements for immunity and stress, digestive health, and a recently launched product for sports stress and recovery. Their most popular products are IntestAid®IB – the natural approach to supporting long-term bowel health, and NuCell®IM – the natural approach to supporting a healthy immune system.

The main aim of these products is to help the body’s natural biological processes to work as well as evolution has designed them to.

The Challenge

The company approached the Enterprise Europe Network with the aim to expand its products in international markets.

They were looking for well-established international partners and distributors with a proven track record in the health sector and established channels to the health and food supplement sectors that could help them to introduce their products in different markets.

The Solution

After undertaking some research in potential markets, Ana Carbonell - Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) at RTC North Ltd made a business review for her and identified Ireland as one of the potential markets to introduce their products.

Since Ireland was one of the targeted markets, as part of an EEN action plan, Rachel Hoyle Director of Nucleotide Nutrition was advised to apply for the Innovate UK’s fully funded Global Business Accelerator Program – Healthy and Sustainable Food, Nutrition and Substitutes (GBAP) visit to Ireland on 12-15 March and had the opportunity to increase her knowledge in the market with the main objective to commercialise their products and find new business partners.

All of the health food chains Nucleotide Nutrition talked to on the trip were interested in stocking Nutri-tide®NT, one of their best seller products, and the presentation given to the buyers went so well that wholesalers, The Irish Independent Health food Ltd (IIHF), decided to become one of their main distributors in Ireland. Indeed, IIHF recently launched IntestAid®IB in time for the main Dublin event, The Vitality Show.

The Impact

Since working with RTC North Ltd - with the help of Mike Skinner under the Innovate2Succeed programme and - Ana Carbonell – under the Enterprise Europe Network programme – , Nucleotide Nutrition has seen it’s turnover double, and is now trading not only in the UK but also in Ireland, Poland, Mexico, Australia, with Jordan just waiting a registration.

Innovate2Succeed assistance has allowed Nucleotide Nutrition Ltd to employ new business strategy techniques which ultimately makes them more competitive in the marketplace.

Enterprise Europe Network continues to work with Nucleotide Nutrition with the aim to expand to new global markets in the EU and beyond. Most recent work focused on the Jordan market where Nucleotide Nutrition is negotiating a new distribution contract with a Jordanian company. Nucleotide Nutrition is now getting advice from Ana Carbonell in terms of international law; covering legalisation and notarisation of documents in Jordan market.

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