IGNIFI are a creative agency based in Sunderland, helping build successful brands for some of the biggest names in healthcare and wellbeing. They first contacted RTC North in 2016 as part of our Design for Better Business programme. We backed IGNIFI’s ERDF grant application for support towards the cost of a business mentor. Ross Golightly was appointed to help in IGNIFI’s transition into a more dynamic, better focused creative agency and the change management that required. 

A year later, IGNIFI jumped on our Innovate 2 Succeed (I2S) programme, aimed to identify barriers to process, product and service innovation

The Challenge

Dave Watson, Managing Director of Ignifi said:

“We initially met with Emma Overton and Ailsa Anderson to scope any such challenges within IGNIFI. From these meetings, we identified that the most significant areas our business required assistance with were marketing and sales to expand our customer base, consideration of succession planning and building a deeper understanding of the business plan across the organisation.

“We were appointed a project mentor, Nick Devitt to help us achieve our objectives. Nick met with the directors of IGNIFI to assess where the I2S programme could specifically help in creating a deliverable and the outcome was the goal of a service blueprint for IGNIFI that would add internal and external value.

“The core of the blueprint would be a client journey framework that could be used internally as a training and development tool to enhance process management and client experience. Additionally, we hoped the blueprint would allow us to evaluate individual client journeys and progress.”

The Solution

Over the course of a few months, Nick guided the team at IGNIFI through a series of planned exercises, including a discussion about current client relationships at length, creating client status identifiers which Nick presented back to the team in a concentric circle graph, analysing numerous clients, projects (good ones and challenging ones), client contact personas, and project-client journey timelines.

Dave added:

“Each session was very well prepared, with Nick taking a supportive role, keen for the sessions to be owned by the IGNIFI team.

“We developed a series of nine blueprints, each one focussed on a particular phase of the client journey/status with IGNIFI, from prospect through to advocate. Subsequently, we created our own quarterly ‘landscape’ tool to give us a strategic view of our business and that ‘Blueprint Landscape’ now forms the focus of a quarterly sales meeting, helping us readily identify movement/trends and discuss appropriate actions.

“It’s still early days, but within the Client Services (CS) team we are utilising our new tools to better recognise the importance of each client’s status, checking against each blueprint for suggested next actions to inform proactive planning for each.

“Blueprint Landscape material also links directly into CS team KPIs and is a great source of reference and training for new recruits and inexperienced members of the team. We are still evaluating if and how we could use the blueprint material as a direct selling aid, but its impact is already positive on our client interaction and all-round business and commercial awareness across the company.

The Impact

“In summary, although the full benefits of the I2S programme for IGNIFI are yet to be assessed, the early indications are very positive. The Blueprint Landscape we have created with RTC’s help has provided a valuable and stimulating perspective on our clients and how we interact with them at different stages on their IGNIFI journey.

“The process has been a rewarding one from initial contact from RTC North, to the assessment of where the I2S programme could assist IGNIFI, to the creation and implementation of a key deliverable from which we now hope to reap considerable benefits.”

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