HeartScan Ltd.


HeartScan, based in Jesmond, is a private clinic offering heart consultations and investigations to self-referring individuals and those referred by general practitioners/specialists.  HeartScan also offers a sports cardiology screening service for elite and recreational sport people and undertakes heart screening for premiership football clubs and the Football Association.

HeartScan first became clients of RTC North in July 2016 when they accessed support through our NHS Innovations programme (now Pathways to Innovation). In addition, they also benefited from support via RTC’s Designing Better Business programme.   

The Challenge

Dr Antoinette Kenny, founder and director of HeartScan said: “The HeartScan brand required a re-positioning as the original website needed to be re-invigorated. It also had to position the two client channels – private client heart diagnostics and the professional / amateur sports screening channel.

The Solution

“The Designing Better Business programme matched the company’s needs offering advice and financial support at a time when we were seeking to enter a growth phase.

“The programme offered a straightforward application process and enabled Heartscan to create an attractive new website with appropriate content designed to attract new customers to the diagnostic and screening services.

“The development of the new website that has been supported by RTC is the primary platform to support future growth plans in 2018-19.”

The Impact

Heartscan has now expanded and welcomed a marketing assistant to support the business owner, and a business growth specialist who works with the company to build awareness and engagement programmes designed to attract private individuals to the services offered.

Collaboration with a leading regional healthcare consultancy has assisted in the development of the planned HeartScan awareness and engagement programme.

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Pathways to Innovation is a programme designed to help SMEs protect and commercialise new technologies, products, services and processes and access new markets.

Supporting the NE LEP's strategic economic plan, Pathways to Innovation is particularly aimed at businesses in the sectors of Healthcare & Life Sciences; Advanced Manufacturing, Offshore & Energy Technologies; IT, Software, Creative & Digital. The programme is funded through European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and is delivered by RTC North in partnership with the Business & Intellectual Property Centre Newcastle.