Glushu Ltd.


Glushu ltd. are a Newcastle upon Tyne based company who produce shoe ware for ungulate animals. The name of the company ‘Glushu’ originates from the products that they produce, shoes, which are being nailed on the hoofs of the animals using glue. The ‘glushu’ was developed to replace the traditional metal shoe which is proved to damage the hoof wall.

John Wright, founder of Glushu ltd. said: “I came up with the product four and a half years ago, because a friend of mine who is a farrier really wanted to implement the use of the American glue shoe. I made the prototype which he then tried on the horse, and said that we should look to develop the product and research the market.”




The Challenge

RTC North conducted a market research for Glushu and investigated and identified the scale of the market potential. This resulted in Glushu ltd. making confident steps towards developing their product, setting up a website and establishing loyal working relationships with clients.

The Solution

“The team at RTC North were fantastic and provided us with the research support we needed to understand the true market potential of our product. Their support and guidance has helped us to get to this stage quicker and I would recommend them to anybody who’s struggling to bring their ideas to life.

“Although, RTC North are UK based, they really opened the scope to the number of horses that could use the product. Their support and involvement has made us re-assess how and where we sell our ‘glushus’,” said John.  

The Impact

Glushu ltd. are continuing to grow their business and develop their brand. Following the success of their glushu, they have developed a race horse shoe which has received approval from the British Racing Federation. They have also developed shoes for Shetland ponies specifically as well as cows’ shoes.

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