Genedrive is a UK-based SME that has developed an innovative, easy to use platform that brings molecular diagnostics to decentralised laboratories.

The Genedrive system provides highly accurate results available from smaller laboratories or clinics supporting accelerated treatment decisions and initiation. Avoiding the high costs and commitments of central laboratory solutions, Genedrive® provides quick, easy and affordable testing, allowing diagnosis to be almost instant. The platform has the ability to perform in humid conditions and can be supported by mains or uninterrupted power supply (UPS), meaning that no instrument calibration or maintenance is required.

The Challenge

The device is steered towards the diagnosis of Tuberculosis, as this test is the easiest to diagnose at point of care, and is the biggest problem within their target market, although it can be used to diagnose other illnesses.

Genedrive needed to integrate a sample preparation technology into their diagnostic system, in order to make the device truly point of care. To do this, they needed to approach Innovate UK for a grant to speed up the process. An application was submitted to Innovate UK, though well received, was unfortunately not funded.

The Solution

The Enterprise Europe Network team at RTC North reviewed the details of the Innovate UK Biomedical catalyst 2017 round 3 competition, which Genedrive’s sample preparation project was in scope for and forwarded the details on to the fast-growing company.

Taking into consideration the assessor’s advice from their previous application, RTC North/The Enterprise Europe Network were able to provide valuable information and advice on how they could strengthen their application and rework their proposal. The proposal was successfully submitted and just weeks later, Genedrive were awarded a grant of £1.1 million.

The Impact

It is expected that this grant will enable them to take the project to commercialisation, with the continued support of RTC North and the Enterprise Europe Network.

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