West Yorkshire insulation specialist CorkSol import and distribute Thermocork, a next generation wall cladding which is naturally fire retardant and has insulation properties.

The Challenge

CorkSol were looking to increase sales and compete with bigger providers to secure larger contracts, hoping to see their product used on internal walls in schools, hospitals and new builds. Product improvements and certifications were needed to meet the building regulations standards required in most buildings.

The Solution

In order to improve their product and reach these new markets, Corksol needed help with their growth strategy, value proposition and would of course need funding to achieve their goals. Innovation and Growth Specialist, Jane, was able to help them through many planning and coaching sessions, and also assisted them in winning a SIF (Sustainable Innovation Fund: round 1) award application, overseeing and supporting CorkSol through an intense 3 week application period.

The Impact

Jane was able to work with CorkSol to improve their strategy and work on their growth plan. CorkSol were also awarded £179,000 of the Sustainable Innovation Fund: Round 1 and are now able to progress all areas of their business, as well as their product. 


Joff Ward, managing director for Corksol, said:


“By any standards, 2020 has been one of the most challenging years for any company. As a small company when Covid-19 hit, we were faced with a number of possibilities, many of which were far from palatable. Being able to turn to Jane and RTC at the start of the pandemic allowed us to focus our thinking and identify a pathway which offered a sensible and achievable route. The interaction with Jane constantly allowed me to return to the business elements which needed the greatest consideration. Jane’s understanding of our business and her ability to keep us focussed is a key reason we have been able to move with the changing market.


In extremely demanding times, Jane was our calm in the storm.”


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