We can help you realise the market potential of your intellectual property by introducing new products into the market.

Idea protection

The first step is to make sure that the opportunity is protected. We can advise on the appropriate type of IPR, whether patents, design rights or trademarks to protect your idea. We can draft patents on your behalf, conduct competitor research to ensure that your technology really is unique, and help identify the most appropriate market for your product.

Technology validation

“There’s nothing like this out there!” is a phrase we often hear. It may be true but we will carry out in-depth, independent research to make sure that the product you develop really is unique and delivers real benefits for customers.  

Market assessment

Having ensured that the technology is unique and protected, an assessment of the potential markets will be carried out. RTC North has access to a vast range of market research data covering all sectors and industries. This research phase will give a good indication of the size and strength of the market, future trends and developments, will identify the key players and any potential competitors.

Market testing

The most important information about a product's potential is from those who would use it. The team at RTC North has extensive experience of primary market research – taking prototypes or product descriptions to potential customers to explore the benefits the product offers, to understand how it would be used, to test out new features or options and to gain feedback on pricing. This phase can be crucial in understanding what your customers want and in maximising the impact of your product or technology. This research can cover all international markets and can be carried out under confidentiality agreements if required. 

Taking the product to market

Having defined the market and potential customers, RTC North will work with you to develop a marketing and business strategy for exploiting this new product or technology. Our team of strategic marketing consultants have extensive experience of developing and implementing marketing strategies for products in all industrial and consumer sectors.


RTC North has strong links with many venture capital and funding bodies and can advise as to which would be the best option for your business, make introductions and assist with applications.

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