Foresight & Open Innovation

Innovation has traditionally been defined by statements like ‘the act of introducing something new’ or ‘the successful exploitation of new ideas’. More recently the concept of open innovation recognises the importance of sharing information and sourcing new product ideas from a variety of outside sources.

Some specific services developed by RTC North in the area of Foresight & Open Innovation inclide...

Innovation skills: Structured training in Open Innovation is offered to companies, research organisations, public bodies and intermediaries.  Our courses contain a practical mix of coursework and assignments organised into a “pick and mix” menu of modules enabling easy modification to suit different audiences and timescales.

Connect 2 Ideas: A service to assist companies to identify technologies and business opportunities from beyond company walls. Developed from experience of dealing with the needs of multinationals, Connect 2 Ideas provides a potential route for companies to expand into global markets.

Technology Road-Mapping (TRM): This is one of a number of techniques that RTC North employs to achieve broad consensus among stakeholders about the key issues and challenges that must be addressed.  An interactive process, which enables organisations, groups and clusters to develop a collective strategy for the efficient application of technology and market knowledge in their future operations, the aim of Technology Road-Mapping is to bring together key players (Multinationals, R&D providers, SMEs & finance groups) to brainstorm current and future needs of the sector and to define a pathway for achieving the needs. This enables all players to identify product gaps in the industry and any barriers that may prevent them from achieving their goals.

European engagement: RTC North is very well connected with European networks.  Through participation in EU programmes such as EEN, INTERREG, Regions of Knowledge and FP7, we can help clients find partners, transfer resources, exchange experience and promote innovation across all EU member states.

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