New Products

Good design is the key to future competitiveness. At a time when product quality standards are universally high and costs have been driven relentlessly downward, design and improved functionality have become the most important factors in the marketplace.

RTC North has 20 years experience in the commercialisation of new products and is the lead organisation contracted to manage Design Network North and the NHS Innovations North initiative.

We can provide key assistance with...

Design audits: Our design reviews are used to analyse your product portfolio and internal design processes.

Design performance: RTC North’s design team offer guidance on all aspects of the product development process to ensure success in the market place. We can also provide access to a wide variety of support organisations and design expertise.

Capacity building: Our overarching aim is to increase the design capacity of our clients by helping raise awareness of the importance of good design within their organisation and develop design resources and skills in house.

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