RTC North has 20 years of experience in providing practical and long term strategic advice to manufacturers. At a time when manufacturers cannot compete with lower wage economies on cost alone, we focus on innovation and assisting clients with the development of high value products in established and new geographic markets.

We employ engineers, scientists and business strategy consultants experienced in a range of disciplines including product design, chemistry, materials science, automation, process improvement, supply chain management and best practice exchange.

Our services for manufacturers revolve around supporting product design and developing strategies for capitalising on opportunities in new and overseas markets.

Product design: Home to one of the Uk's groundbreaking regional design networks, RTC North is the leading partner in a new project, launched in late 2008, which will provide access for innovative manufacturers to the best private and public sector support for the development of new products.

Troubleshooting: RTC North has run a host of manufacturing support programmes, including the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS) for the North East, which between 2002 and 2008 assisted over 1500 manufacturers and added over £25m of value added to regional companies.

Mentoring: Our heavily subsidised mentoring programmes have added value to manufacturers in the North of England estimated to be over £7m since 1997. Throught the programme representatives from exemplar companies are engaged as mentors during the six month long consultancy period and previous schemes have focussed on topics including continuous improvement, health and safety, 5S, six sigma and marketing.

Best Practice: RTC North has organised the Inside North East Industry (INEI) best practice visit programme for over 15 years. Since 1992, over 90 exemplar companies have opened their doors, providing an insight into a range of issues key to improving operating efficiency.

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