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Working actively in the promotion of STEM and Enterprise Education, the company offers schools and colleges activities that support with information, advice and guidance on how to enhance their STEM curriculum. Schools and colleges are signposted to providers of STEM E&E, awareness is raised of local, regional and national opportunities for getting involved in STEM schemes and projects and RTC North continues to encourage teaching staff to share good practice about their STEM curriculum.

As STEMPOINT contract holder for E&E and STEM Ambassadors for all schools and colleges in County Durham RTC North operates as a central hub to access STEM information and resources.

RTC North has regularly worked in partnership to develop and deliver a number of its own key STEM activities including:

  • Futures Challenge – RTC North has been running a regional schools’ innovation competition for 9 years.  The programme engages young people aged 9 – 16 years and encourages them to develop their skills in the areas of science, design, technology and enterprise.  It makes a practical cross over between business studies, science and D&T subjects and also engages teachers in CPD to support programmes in school.
  • Inside Industry – Each year we offer a number of industry visits to school teachers and advisers to help develop their knowledge of regional businesses.  The particular focus of our programme is on companies in the science and technology sectors with emphasis on R&D and manufacturing.  By updating teachers’ knowledge we can ensure that accurate and up to date information is being passed to young people to help with careers advice and teachers have a better understanding of the STEM aspects of the businesses visited.
  • Young Foresight – In the past RTC has been successful in the delivery of a national year 9 initiative linked to key stage 3 D&T strategy.  The programme helps teachers to deliver lessons in an innovative way by matching schools to a company mentor who helps to set ‘real’ project briefs based on their own businesses.  The impact of the mentor and links made to the real word of work helps to stimulate the learning experience, motivate the students and raise awareness of new and emerging science and technology.

The promotion of such activity addresses the issues of fewer young people choosing to study STEM subjects, promote positive attitudes toward STEM, ensure increased student engage at school  and of course address the current UK skills gap that exist. As a result of such activity RTC North has an extensive knowledge and experience in the following areas:

  • Knowledge of education sector with emphasis on science and technology
  • Practical experience of delivering projects to schools and colleges
  • A pool of experienced staff with understanding of the STEM agenda and have effective skills to work with teachers and young people
  • Many links to companies and other organisations that provide ambassadors to support school programmes for STEM subjects
  • Good track record in the promotion of activity to schools and colleges and subsequent engagement of schools/colleges in regional projects
  • Good track record for working in partnership with a number of regional organisations that support young people

The company has a team of staff who are specialist in the area of engaging schools to work with industry and they have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the STEM agenda, school policy and procedure, the National Curriculum, development of Key Skills and the encouragement of an enterprising attitude in young people.

STEMPOINT Contract Holder – County Durham & Merseyside

As the STEMPOINT for County Durham RTC North is the contract holder for:

  • STEMNET Brokerage Service – a service to schools and colleges that provides advice, guidance and information about STEM E&E activities and the STEM Ambassador
  • STEM Ambassador Programme – management and coordination of Science & Engineering Ambassadors
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