Interactive Learning (Shoo Fly Publishing Ltd)

Steve Young, Commercial Manager and Anne Curtis, Founder and Creative Director - Shoo Fly Publishing Ltd


Andy MacPherson, Projects Director - LearnIT3D Ltd

Description of concept:
Shoo Fly is a small award winning education software company who have established a reputation for creating innovative resources for schools in both real and virtual formats. The company represent the best that interactive ewhiteboard technology can offer learners and teachers and are now looking to move into the home market.

The company are seeking to access new markets by evolving their existing 2D learning products into 3D immersive environments enabling the company to address the demand for games based education.

Target Market:
With over 5 million children under the age of 11 in education and spending on pre-primary and primary education in the year 2010 totalled £0.7 billion in the UK alone the market for educational material is vast.

How design would make a difference:
There is strong evidence of increasing demand for educational resources delivered on Wii, MAC, iPAD/iPhone and PC platforms using “game” play in 3D environments, to motivate reluctant students, by providing more engaging and inspiring learning environments, similar to what most youngsters experience at home.
The company required assistance to design 3D immersive environments for both the mainstream UK educational markets and home use.

Design Process Timescales:
July 2010 Exemplar funding granted
September 2010 Met and selected designers
October – November 2010 Prototyping and modification

Shoo Fly selected educational IT company, LearnIT 3D to assist them in the development of the new product range. Together the companies selected the first title within the Shoo Fly range to develop within a 3D interactive platform and worked closely to ensure the new product maintained the illustrative style of the book.
Shoo Fly publishing intend to launch the product to the special needs market initially and expand the product range to incorporate new titles in the coming year.
Steve Young, Shoo-fly Publishing comments: "Design Network North have enabled us to find the perfect partner (LearnIT3D) to take our existing product set into the next generation of design. The funding assistance provided by Design Network North has enabled us to enter a new marketplace and leapfrog our competition. This has strengthened Shoofly as a company at a time when many of our competitors are downsizing or going out of business in very challenging market conditions for small companies.
"We have now identified other collaborative working opportunities with Learnit3D beyond this exemplar project which will benefit both North East companies.”


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