Strategic Design (Ameeca Ltd)

Simon Johnson, Director and Eleanor Johnson, Content Director - Ameeca Ltd

Steve Bailey, Director and Dan Martin, Director - Octo Product Development Ltd

Description of concept:
Ameeca manufactures innovative information technologies for the education sector. The company’s first product release to market, StoryPhones, is an award winning digital audio system for children in primary schools and nurseries.
Ameeca have created a brand footprint in the marketplace as a leading innovator and must consistently offer innovative new products which meet the market’s high expectations. Ameeca were seeking assistance to develop a product pipeline to enable them to maintain their position in the market.

Target Market:
Ameeca have proven that there is a market for innovative digital systems for use in the classroom. The company aimed to explore not only how new products could help them to satisfy their existing market but to explore potential new markets that could lead to company growth.

How design would make a different:
Using strategic design the company aimed to increase its innovation capabilities and in turn improve the competitiveness of their organisation.

Design Process Timescales:
May 2010 Exemplar funding granted and designer selection process
June 2010 Mind mapping and creative sessions
August 2010 End user consultations
September - December 2010 Finalisation of the product development pipeline and initial concept drawing for first product
January 2011 Customer consultations to refine the specification for the first product

Octo Product Development Ltd worked with Ameeca to conduct a design-led business diagnostic with the aim of identifying innovation and product development opportunities. This process took the form of a mind map which identified potential business opportunities and formed the basis for a product development pipeline. Ameeca in conjunction with Octo Product Development Ltd identified the first product to develop within the pipeline and worked with end users to refine a product specification that would meet both the customer requirements and the long term aims of Ameeca.
Simon Johnson, Director, Ameeca comments: “Strategic design has helped to ensure our product development pipeline is going forward in the right direction and that our future products will fit in with our business development strategy.”

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