Fusion for Energy Technology Transfer

F4E counts more than 450 members of staff, mostly engineers, physicists, project managers and specialised administrative staff, engaged in delivering Europe’s contribution in the various projects involved.

F4E has offices in four different locations across the world: Barcelona (Spain), Cadarache (France), Garching (Germany) and Rokkasho (Japan). The collaboration between Departments and teams is anchored in a matrix structure maximising performance and efficiency.

Fusion for Energy (F4E) is promoting the transfer of fusion technologies to Europe’s industry. Our experts are there to identify their business potential and to facilitate their commercial use. Our services are offered to all companies looking for new market opportunities. We are here to help entrepreneurs, scientists and businesses willing to integrate fusion technologies in the development of their products.

The portfolio of technologies identified for adoption into non-fusion industries can be found here:


For more information regarding the programme contact: wayne.bryant@rtcnorth.co.uk