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Global Business Accelerator Programme

Designed to stimulate international collaboration and innovation

Programme will be returning later this year.

The Global Business Accelerator Programme is designed to stimulate international collaboration and innovation, and to create opportunities for UK businesses from strategic technology sectors to engage with peers in key target countries.

Participating companies receive assistance through a structured programme which consists of three main phases:

  • Preparing to get on market - this phase ensures that businesses understand the market they operate in and they also are being supported to make useful contacts and to arrange meetings.
  • Visiting the market (peers and competitors) - during phase number two participants visit their target countries, network with potential partners, visit businesses, research centres, universities and other establishments to better understand the market/technology area.
  • Exploiting opportunities - as part of this phase of the programme, each participating business will be expected to agree an action plan with an Enterprise Europe Network adviser who will ensure that businesses are making the best out of their visit abroad and applying best practices within their business.

The Global Business Accelerator Programme builds capacity, knowledge and understanding in businesses to enable them to fully benefit from the global opportunities accessed through the programme.

The Global Accelerator Programme runs alongside the Global Expert Missions Programme which will aim to help develop the evidence base for future activity. The Missions Programme will consist of pre-organised visits of up to 15 selected SMEs to Innovate UK focus countries for a short, fact-finding mission in an identified priority sector/technology area.

RTC North acts as a partner of Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) and supports the Programme with delivering its missions on a global level.

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