STEM Needs You!

The GCSE is 30 years old and they’re still just as stressful, if not more so…

Just last year the NSPCC noted that there was a 21% increase in ChildLine counselling sessions with young people worried about their exam results. The good news is there is something that we can do to help…

RTC North is proud to be helping to provide insight, support and expertise to young people in the run up to their GCSEs. Running the Regional Mentoring Programme Funded by the Careers and Enterprise Company and in collaboration with the North East and Tees Valley LEPs. 

The programme’s aim is to support young people in the run up to their GCSEs, to support career aspirations and demonstrate more positive outcomes in school, work and life.


But we need your help!

We are actively recruiting for mentors, from all walks of life, to join the programme. The aim is to create positive interactions between young people and industry ambassadors that empower and motivate both the mentor and mentee.

We need to reach those students that are unsure of their capabilities, struggling with confidence and are not reaching their full potential.


Your Commitment?

All that is required is 15 meetings per student over an academic year.

You will be helping to raise their career aspirations, helping them have a positive vision of themselves and their future, and demonstrate more positive outcomes in schools, work and life.

We know that mentoring programmes cannot replace teachers’ ability to improve school achievement however; research does tell us that aspirations play an important role in educational and professional achievement. 

We are hugely passionate about creating opportunities to inspire young people from all backgrounds and abilities, offering those activities that motivate, inspire and bring learning and career opportunities to life. 


Sign Me Up

For in informal chat with our Mentoring advisors or to register as a mentor, please call the team on 0191 516 4400 or visit our FAQ’s  



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