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New team leader appointed to RTC’s Pathways 2 Innovation Programme

New team leader appointed to RTC’s Pathways 2 Innovation Programme

A new team leader has been appointed to oversee the Pathways 2 Innovation programme, which is designed to help SMEs protect and commercialise new technologies, products, services and processes, and access new markets.

Paul Marriott, who has been with RTC North since March 2016, took over the team leader post from Alan Sanderson, who went to retire earlier this year.

With over 32 years’ experience in senior posts in Industry, Public Sector, and NHS and over a decade of creating and running his own businesses, Paul brings with him substantial expertise and a wealth of knowledge.

Paul is internationally recognised in Health and Medicine for the work as NHS England North’s Digital Health and Medicine Lead and for the ground-breaking Digital Health work done with the US Military and the NHS.

He commented:

“My role in NHS England took me to the US whereas a Clinical Advocate I was part of a small team of specialists and clinicians who exported an NHS Digital Telehealth Platform to the US Military and is now widely used in the US and in Australia.

“In my role as Lead Consultant for Digital Health in NHS England, I was frequently asked to view new products and meet companies wishing to enter the NHS who were being supported by RTC's NHS Innovations North.  I found the nature of the work supporting new ideas and innovations appealed to me and I found great work satisfaction and motivation when something new a good was discovered and turned into a new service or product within healthcare.  To say this continues to get me out of bed in the morning is about right.   

“I think there are several aspects of working for RTC that I enjoy very much, however apart from the nature of the work I think the best thing is the people that work in the organisation, it's a pleasure to work with likeminded professional people who care about their work and have the depth of knowledge people in RTC possess.”

Get in touch with Paul to understand more about the Pathways 2 Innovation programme and how his team can help you bring your product to markets at or on 0191 516 4400

Oct 29, 2018

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