Make Change YOUR Motivation ... by Sarah Pavlou, Programme Manager Innovation & Internationalisation  


Whatever your industry or sector, your market is continuously changing and to remain ahead and ensure sustainability, change needs to be an internal motivator - embraced rather than feared.

Ask yourself the all-important questions of, am I making money, is my business growing and am I ahead of my competitors? If you have doubt around any of the above, it may well be a time for change. Not a change to leave a gulp in your throat, but an opportunity to shift your business in a more positive direction that ensures the time and efforts you and your team are investing provide you with a healthy return.

Across so many business publications and social media platforms we see and hear the word Innovation, a word that encapsulates the importance of recognising change in consumer/market demands which in turn feeds idea generation and management within businesses.

Ideas can be considered dreamy or to some – throw away comments, but it is through these ideas that the greatest businesses are formed, and it is the process and management of idea generation that keeps the best businesses alive and first in the minds of consumers.

When was the last time you asked your team what their ideas were for the future of your business? How quickly did you embrace these ideas, and have you made the time to step back from your business and assess your current performance?

As an SME, you now have the opportunity to review your Innovation Management processes, re-evaluate your USP, engage your team and drive increased business growth with our fully funded Innovate 2 Succeed bespoke programme, delivered by the RTC team of specialists from numerous sector backgrounds who have successfully developed and grown more than 300 different businesses across the North East, Yorkshire and North West of England in the last 18 months – helping them reach their full potential both nationally and internationally – also connecting them to overseas market opportunities through our European Enterprise Network where appropriate.

If you are determined to remain ahead of your competitors, are keen to explore new regions/markets and want to join the other 300 Northern businesses embracing change, BE QUICK and secure your space before July 2018, Call 0191 516 4400 and ask to speak to the Innovate to Succeed Team TODAY!

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