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Happy New Year from Enterprise Europe Network .. by Claire Robinson

Happy New Year from Enterprise Europe Network .. by Claire Robinson

Happy New Year to all RTC North Members of the Enterprise Europe Network.

We have hit the ground running in 2019 and our teams are working endlessly to deliver a unique selection of exciting events and workshops. We are here to provide our Members with relevant and reliable connections, business introductions, international growth, and the all-important ongoing business innovation support. Our aims are to ensure that your business products, services and processes remain current, in demand and ahead of your competitors both nationally and internationally; securing you a sustainable and successful business future.

Events will include the following:

  • The exciting launch of Northern Orbit - all things related to space sector group
  • Brexit/Going International Update - a session for Service Network
  • Global Opportunities Workshops by Enterprise Europe Network for those SME’s that are wanting to develop relationships and sustainable and successful collaborations with international companies
  • Horizon 2020 briefing by Enterprise Europe Network find out the what, why, where, when and how
  • Due to popular demand, we have More of our Traction Amplifier workshops by the EEN’s Innovation Team
  • Ambition North will be back for 2019 as we share RTC’s 30th anniversary and celebrate Innovation in the North
  • A plethora of brokerage events both UK and Internationally hosted by Enterprise Europe Network


With exciting events and celebrations happening in the North East, North West, Yorkshire and Humber we hope to cover all the Northern Regions over the coming year with the intention of singing loud and proud about our ambitious northern companies and how we embrace innovation showing the international business community what we have to offer.

Our new season of EEN/H2020 funding and support round is upon us and we would like to reassure our Members that this is still available for UK organisations for the next two years until the end of 2020. The government has agreed to honor any funding committed to, (before we leave the programme) for the duration of the projects, so please do call a member of the Enterprise Europe Network Team to take advantage of this funding/support while you can.

We are also looking forward to stepping out and attending the various business and sector networks hoping to meet as many of you as possible so please do come along and say HELLO wherever you see the Enterprise Europe Network logo or if you run a sector and you’d like to know more about going international we are always happy to attend.

Wow a busy itinerary and this is all extra to our day jobs of supporting and advising Northern Companies to Innovate, Compete, Grow and Internationalise.

Thanks to you all for your support last year and we look forward to expanding our relationships with current clients and embracing new ones.


Jan 09, 2019

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