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Cumbrian Charity Expands Nationally

Cumbrian Charity Expands Nationally

A Cumbrian based charity that provides child protection and safeguarding programmes to children and young people have expanded to deliver their services nationally.  

Founded in 2004 by Val Webb and Jude Walker, Kidsafe UK has been delivering programmes to North East schools. After receiving help and support from RTC North are now rolling out a national programme to allow any member of school staff deliver the fun, age appropriate sessions, Val said:

“RTC North have supported Kidsafe enormously to help us achieve our aim of making the Kidsafe UK programme available to all schools in the UK. The professionalism has been first class and the team have given us clear direction every step of the way.

“Through market research, business planning and consulting we would not hesitate to work with RTC again in the future or indeed recommend their services to anyone looking to review and expand their services.”  RTC North, an approved provider able to deliver growth services and support under the Big Potential programme. Working closely with Kidsafe, Claire Robinson commented:

“We worked with Kidsafe UK to turn their physical training package for Key Stage 1 and 2 into an electronic version complete with the Kidsafe Kit to scale up their service. This has included practical advice on business processes and mentoring advice on the more subtle changes going from a mid-scale charity to a trading business but keeping its charitable aims at its heart.

“RTC have remained true to Kidsafe UK’s ideals and kept Val and Jude’s aims to help children to protect themselves at the heart of strategy and planning. Their passion and professionalism shines through when you speak to them in person and we feel it is essential that this is evident in the Kidsafe Kit.”

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Jan 03, 2019

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