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Trend Bible - #womenwhoscale, blog by Laura Foster

Mar 08, 2018


#womenwhoscale: shining a light on women leading high-growth businesses across the North East.

Tucked away in Newcastle’s Ouseburn valley there is company quite literally envisioning the future. Meet Trend Bible, a cutting-edge trend forecasting agency and a jewel in this flourishing, creative corner of the city. 

Established in 2007 from Managing Director Joanna Feeley’s bedroom, Trend Bible today is a company with a global client list and sights on expansion across Europe and the US. In true trend-forecaster fashion, Trend Bible was one of the first companies to enrol in the Scale-up North East programme and is definitely one of our ‘ones to watch’ over the coming months. Working with Joanna is proving to be a rewarding experience for me as her designated Scaleup Partner, thanks to her ambitious but extremely open attitude to the journey ahead and fascinating insights into the highly specialised world of trend forecasting.

Making a commercial success of trend forecasting means working at least two years ahead of mainstream consumers - the ‘late majority’, to use trend parlance – because big consumer brands’ reputations live or die by their ability to capture the zeitgeist, and they certainly can’t allow stock to languish in warehouses

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