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Tender Specification: Provision of An ERP System and CAD /CAM Interface.

Mar 20, 2018



The Contracting Authority for the purpose of this Invitation to Tender is Tanfield Engineering Systems Limited.

Their address is: Unit 95/2, Tanfield Lea Industrial Estate, Stanley, County Durham, DH9 9NX

Tanfield engineering Systems Limited are looking to engage with an ERP and CAD /CAM Software solution provider to work on a development project aimed as improving their Business Systems through developing an effective ERP and CAD/CAM Interface solution.

The organisation must be familiar with and have demonstrable experience in the areas described and be available to contract with Tanfield Engineering Systems Ltd over the timescales outlined within this Invitation to Tender.



Tanfield Engineering Systems have prepared a specification for an Enterprise Resource Planning system tailored to service their needs as a growing business and to include a modern CAD/CAM Interface to optimise the profiling processes which essentially dictate the flow of parts and products.

A key requirement of the system is that it “fits around the way the business prefers to operate rather than necessitate a change to support an off the shelf solution.”

The functionality essentially needs to comprehensively coverage and therefore much better control and support of all in-house functions. Key features which an ERP System would be required to cover for Tanfield includes:

  • Parts, Customer & Supplier Intelligence
  • Estimating tool
  • Intelligence on in-house and sub-contract operations/processes.
  • Scheduling and understanding of various scenario / impact of change.
  • Bills of Materials generation & control
  • Capacity planning.
  • Quote, Invoice and report writing.
  • Linkage to Sage Accounting System
  • Interface with CAD / CAM


This project has been identified by the Tanfield Engineering Systems as being key to their future growth. 



3.1 Services to be provided:

The tenderer must have a proven, demonstrable track record in the specifying and implementation of ERP and CAD/CAM Systems as is required for the project. A list of requirements of the supplier:

  • It is critical that the Selected partner has the relevant skills, expertise and knowledge to deliver the project, and the ability to work effectively with the client to ensure the successful and timely delivery of the project.
  • Prior expertise in the successful implementation of an ERP and CAD/CAM interface project in the Engineering sector. Solution provider to manage both the ERP and CAD/CAM aspects of the project
  • Client testimonials from customers, ideally in Sub-contract engineering and fabrication companies, would be preferred.

A summary of the services and support required is:

  • Fully agree specification and timing of project with deliverables, and details of latest delivery dates for the key project milestones – Tanfield Project Team and Solution provider
  • Communication and outlining the system to staff and key users – Solution provider.
  • Preparation of Tanfield Engineering Systems Internal Server to accommodate current key intelligence and data from the business– Tanfield & solution provider.
  • Set up CAD/CAM Software to communicate with and control cutting processes (Laser & Plasma Cutting) – Solution Provider
  • Integration of ERP System with CAD/CAM software – Selected Solution provider
  • Data Extraction and filtering from existing systems – Internal Tanfield Staff with support from solution provider.
  • Preparation of ERP System with relevant business information/data – Solution provider estimate 10 Months – Solution provider
  • Beta trials to ensure that functionality is achieved with data provided to the ERP System (build low to high) – Solution provider Ongoing running through until April 2019.
  • Training of Key user – Solution provider Commencing November 2018
  • Review and Debugging – Tanfield and solution provider – Jan 2019 – April 2019
  • Prepare for Readiness and Handover – March & April 2019
  • Formal handover – End April 2019


3.2 Timescales

Tender placed on website – 20th March 2018

Tender deadline – 3rd April 2018

Review bids – 4th April 2018

Appoint preferred supplier/Place order –  W/c 9th April 2018

Receipt of equipment – To be agreed with the preferred supplier.

Commissioning and validation -

The timescale for project completion in its entirety is latest May 2019, with a preferred or anticipated final sign off in April 2019. This will be progressed at various stages of the development, migration and integration of existing and new systems. The tender document should confirm that the applicant has sufficient resources to deliver the project in this timescale.



The Project Managers responsible for this work are Kevin Harris and Kyle Tatters.



As a minimum tenderers should provide the following details within their proposals:

  • A brief description of the company, and any relevant experience
  • Experience and qualifications of the individuals who will be responsible for implementing the various stages of work.
  • Examples of successful delivery of projects similar in scope and size.
  • Availability of resources required to deliver the project in the timescales available.


Tenders will be evaluated against the award criteria as set out within Section 7 and tenderers should also demonstrate within their tender proposal the following assurance that they have:


  • Capability to meet the contract requirements;
  • Quality and experience of the team delivering the contract; including evidence of a proven track record;
  • Ability and flexibility to deliver outputs to the agreed timescales;
  • Value for money and added value




The contract will be awarded to the most economically advantageous tender evaluated against the following criteria.



Weighting %



Ability to deliver the full specification


Compatibility/ ability to interface with existing CAD/CAM Software and machinery


Ability to deliver on time.



Prior expertise in delivery and management of similar projects






To ensure a fair and transparent tender process no approach of any kind in connection with this tender should be made to any other person within, or associated with Tanfield Engineering Systems Limited. Failure to comply may result in disqualification from the process.



The completed Tender and associated documents must be submitted by 12pm Tuesday 3rd April 2018 to:

Kevin Harris

Tanfield Engineering Systems Limited

Unit 95/2, Tanfield Lea Industrial Estate,


County Durham,





Submissions can also be made by email to




Closing date for all tenders is noon on 3rd April 2018