Rise and Design: Designing Effective Workspaces

Date: Friday 17th January 2020

Time: 09:00 - 12:00

Location: PROTO, Abbots Hill, Baltic Business Quarter, Gateshead,

Cost: Free

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We all have to work somewhere, and some of us are lucky enough to share these spaces with other people. But as we all know, just throwing a group of people together in a large room does not create a team, or the right environment for effective team working.

The design of the workplace is a critical factor in getting the most out of people, and allowing them to perform at their best, but is often the thing that is overlooked. So in this session we're bringing this issue to the fore, and will hear from those who specialise in creating great places to work.

Speakers include -

Mark Catchlove, Herman Miller

Designing for Cognitive Wellness

A workplace that helps people think better drives business results. Cognition is the way we acquire knowledge and understanding through thought, experience and senses. So it stands to reason that a workplace that considers cognition in its design, should help us feel and therefore work better. Mark will be joining us to deliver this latest seminar from Herman Miller based on in depth research and decades of experience.


Jacqui Martin, Design North

Diversity and Choice to Support Wellbeing

A team might include people separated by 40 years in age, 4,000 miles in cultural background, as well as vast differences in physical and emotional abilities and preferences. And yet they are expected to work and function well in the same workplace. It's finally being recognised that this one size fits all approach simply doesn't work, and Jacqui will share her thoughts and experiences of creating workplaces that enable everyone to flourish.


Rise and Design lasts for approximately three hours, and includes networking before and after speakers. There is a chance to pitch at the end of the speakers' presentations, and you can book a stand for the whole event. We encourage all delegates to stay after presentations for networking - it is one of the most valuable parts of Rise and Design


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