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Heathrow Expansion Supply Chain Opportunities

Heathrow Expansion Supply Chain Opportunities
Date - Apr 05, 2019
Time - 08:30 – 12:00
Venue - RTC North Colima Avenue Sunderland SR5 3XB
Cost - Free

You're invited to learn about the opportunities which the Heathrow Airport Expansion can offer local supply chains and potential support from Supply Chain North East. There are real opportunities to feed into this multi-billion pound project, and the Expansion Team is committed to ensuring that the investment benefits all areas of the UK, creating investment and business opportunities for suppliers, manufacturers, and consultancies in the North East.

The session will be used to understand what the opportunities are, and what support people and organisations feel they need to access them. We want to support a strong NE presence at the Heathrow Business Summit in Newcastle on 3rd May, so there is a clear message that the NE is a region that is ready and willing to do business.



08.30 Registration

09.00 Welcome, overview of the workshop and introduction to Supply Chain North East – Alan Whittaker, Programme Manager

09.10 How is the construction sector changing, and what are the challenges and opportunities - Tom Jarmin, Newcastle City Council and Construction Leadership Council

09.30 Heathrow Expansion Opportunities - Expansion Team

What’s happening now, what is the opportunity, what are the timescales – and how can you engage

09.50 Workshop

How well placed are attendees at the moment to respond to the opportunity

What do they need to know to make this work

10.30 Coffee Break

10.45 Build offsite

What do we do, and how we can help you

11.00 Workshop

How do we prepare for success

11.30 Summary and next steps

11.40 Networking Opportunity

12 noon Event close


Speaker Bio

Tom Jarman advises on and develops built environment projects, primarily newbuild housing and retrofit of existing homes, within NCC and YHN. His projects include offsite manufacturing, housing quality and performance, climate mitigation and adaptation, post-occupancy monitoring and evaluation, Building Information Modelling, and planning guidance and advice. Tom is particularly interested in client culture and procurement, how these can open up the innovation space for better buildings and how this supports growth, opportunity, and skills for the region. He is a member of the Construction Leadership Council, focussing on Innovation in Buildings and Procuring for Value, and is a Board member of the International Centre for Connected Construction (IC3).

Apr 05, 2019

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