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Access Innovation - Real Digital Growth Services

Access Innovation - Real Digital Growth Services
Date - Apr 30, 2019
Time - 14:00 - 17:00
Venue - Duke Studios 3 Sheaf Street Leeds LS10 1HD

Access Innovation - Real Digital Growth Services


Every business is unique and will follow different growth journeys with periods of rapid expansion, consolidation and possibly, decline.

No one journey is the same, but most businesses will go through some typical stages as they move from start-up to maturity.

You’re invited to a panel discussion with the founders of successful digital businesses who will be sharing their journey and shining a light on the 'gotchas' that will trip you up.


Our Panel

Tracy Carpenter from Mint HR and Digital sector HR specialist 

Jon Swales - Digital Growth Consultant

Jon set up Cloudspotting in the 2000’s, sold the company and now advises digital companies fo share his experiences on what he has done.

Russell Goldthorpe from Code Blue Digital

Russell is a digital entrepreneur, runs Code Blue and works with this on a day to day basis.

Jackie Mulligan – Shop Appy


Apr 30, 2019

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