RTC North Complaints Procedure

We aim to ensure that all of our clients receive efficient and effective services and advice. However, from time to time there may be aspects of our service which clients and their stakeholders have concerns about, or with which they are dissatisfied.

If you are unhappy with the services, or any aspect of the advice you have received from RTC North, and would like to raise this issue with us you should contact your main contact at RTC North.  In most cases this person will be familiar with your situation and circumstances and may be able to resolve any problems to your satisfaction immediately.

However, if you would prefer to raise your concerns with someone else, or you have not received a satisfactory response from your first contact, you may contact the Head of our Customer Care Team.

Complaints should be made in writing and sent with supporting documents/evidence to:

Customer Care Coordinator
RTC North
1 Hylton Park
Wessington Way
Sunderland SR5 3HD

Or you can contact us by phone 0191 516 4400 or by email personnel@rtcnorth.co.uk

How will we handle your complaint?

  • A complaint can be received orally, or in writing by letter or email. 
  • Your RTC manager will deal with your complaint in the first instance, unless you have elected to contact the Customer Care Coordinator directly. 
  • We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within three working days. 
  • Further contact will be dependent upon the nature of your complaint. In any event, we shall respond within four weeks from the date the complaint was acknowledged. If the complaint will take longer than four weeks to resolve we shall respond to this effect. 
  • If you do not receive a reply or you are not happy with the outcome, you have the right to contact our Managing Director at the address referred to above. 
  • Our final response will state whether we accept or reject your complaint, and whether we are prepared to offer you any redress.

For complaints in relation to data protection issues our response shall also refer you to your right to apply to the Data Protection Commissioner for a complete review of the matter.

You can download a copy of our complaints procedure.

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