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WinWin Tutoring Ltd

WinWin Tutoring Ltd

Newcastle-based WinWin Tutoring is an educational technology company providing high-quality tutoring services for a wide variety of subjects to international students, with a specific focus on students from China.

The company’s mission is to empower international students to succeed academically and adapt socially and culturally to the exciting challenges that British life offers.


The Challenge

Founder and Director Hui Zhao contacted RTC North as due to the rapid growth that the company has experienced over the past couple of years, they required support with the implementation of a fully integrated and functional software system offering a consistent and coherent user experience to be able to meet the demands of a growing business.


The Solution

Hui commented:

“The help we received from RTC and Andy Brown, in particular, has been invaluable for the business. Thanks to the funding and guidance received we were able to take the business to the next level and to ensure its future sustainability and profitability.”

We supported Hui by providing consultancy, documentation, and visualisation for a variety of tools and techniques including user experience and journey design and development, information architecture and website content planning, plugin research and price research, automation research and planning.

WinWin Tutoring has been referred to our Pathways 2 Innovation programme and are currently working with our Business Growth Advisors on a business growth plan.


The Result

Hui added:

“We want to continue to work with RTC on our new tutoring system. All the help we have received from RTC has helped the business immensely and I’ll be looking to join their training sessions as well in the future as I start to build up the WinWin community.

“I’d recommend RTC’s services to anyone looking to grow their business and looking for trusted advice and support.”

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