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Tod Yeadon, a software developer turned entrepreneur, has seen his video innovation go from strength to strength after teaming up with RTC North.

Angel Cam began life as a not-for-profit force for social good. The one touch video recording app, that sends footage to a remote server, was designed to protect victims of anti-social behaviour and give them the opportunity to safely record any evidence.

The Challenge

Tod was inspired by a situation he encountered himself - he was confronted by a group of young men, trespassing on his property. He immediately grabbed his phone and began recording. Fortunately, this worked as an effective deterrent and the men left.

The Solution

On reflection, he realised that the men could have taken his phone from him and with it the evidence. He also found that getting a phone into record mode was challenging when under pressure. With Angel Cam, you have access to instant video streaming, alerts are sent automatically, the video is uploaded to a secure remote server and an emergency call button is available if the incident escalates into a crisis. It’s a tremendous deterrent on a secure remote server.

The Impact

Whilst Angel Cam gained traction, Tod felt there were more opportunities for the device. With the support of RTC North, Go-Cam was developed. The same technology, but for field workers. Go-Cam can produce video reports before and after work is performed for a customer, ending any disputes about damage a field worker may or may have not made to their property.

Go-Cam is soon to be starting trials with gas fitters up and down the country. With traditional gas metres being switched for smart metres in 2017, suppliers are concerned that there may be disputes between fitters and customers when the new gas metres are installed, as most of the original gas metres have been there for years, and there is a chance of cosmetic damage when they are removed. Go-cam will provide a video report before and after the gas metre is replaced.

With enquiries coming in from many different sectors, Go-Cam are looking at taking the product even further. They are hoping for a move into the insurance industry, as a product that can be provided to insurance customers so they can record a problem as it happens around them, be it a flood, car accident or a break in.

With ambitions to export and to become the go-to app for all field workers in the UK, Go-Cam is a business to watch.

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