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Thought Beanie

Thought Beanie

Thought Beanie is a developer of innovative wearables that use brain wave technology to enhance people’s lives. They take complex science out of the lab and make it work in everyday situations. 

Thought Beanie integrates technology into wearables – hats, sleep masks, helmets, headphones, which help transform the way individuals and teams use what’s going on inside their heads to improve sporting performance; to enhance sleep; to match mood with their media; etc.




The Challenge

Alan Morgan, co-founder of Thought Beanie said:

“Our ambitions for Thought Beanie are to take complex science out of the lab and put into a real-world environment. I’d love everybody who plays sport to be able to get access to our technology because people can understand more about their concentration, their thought process whilst they are playing sport or indeed any other endeavor.



The Solution

“We’ve been working with the University of Leeds and done a lot of research with them. Our principal investigator alerted us to the possibilities of working with the Innovate 2 Succeed programme. Through the application process for one of their grants through ERDF we were able to be awarded a grant of £2,000 to undertake some further hardware development which is essential for the progress of our company.

“It also enabled us to look quite hard on our business and our business plan because clearly when you apply for this sort of money it’s a validation of what you’re trying to do and the ability to go back and discuss it with the experts.



The Result

“The I2S programme was extremely valuable and made us re-think all the processes we were undertaking.

“I’d advise any SME to make contacts as soon as possible. We spend a lot of time trying to locate academic partners and research organizations to undertake the work with us

“Knowing what I know now I’d have gone back a lot earlier and I’d have been able to link with research organisations much more readily had I been aware of the I2S programme.”


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