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TeraByte IT Ltd.

TeraByte IT Ltd.

TeraByte IT Limited is a Darlington based business providing several products and services which help businesses ensure that their IT systems are secured.

TeraByte joined the Innovate 2 Succeed program in January 2018.


The Challenge

Laura Dempsey, Managing Director of Terabyte said:

“At the time of joining we were going through a period of change, with additional services & partners being tested and rolled out. As a result, our processes and our time were stretched, with expert advice required in order to manage this effectively.


The Solution

“The advice and experience gained were invaluable, through the service we were able to discuss the pain points in a neutral setting allowing the team to discuss, learn and implement the knowledge gained moving forwards.

“There is a time commitment required for Innovate 2 Succeed program and the modules available, but this is structured to fit your business and we found this incredibly flexible. We gained more in time management and smoother delivery of services than it cost, by far. We fully recommend this service to any and all businesses who feel maxed out, are looking for professional advice and need to increase productivity.


The Result

“We have increased turnover as an immediate effect of the services and experience gained. Additionally, through the drive of innovation, a second company was conceived and brought into existence. It was identified that there is a gap in the region and a knowledge sharing platform was required.

“The Cyber Security & Information Protection Cluster CIC hosted the first event in September 2018 and as a direct result TeraByte’s exposure as corporate partner has also increased. We are extremely grateful to the wealth of knowledge received which made it all possible and will benefit the region as a whole.”

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