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James Heal Ltd

James Heal Ltd

James Heal is the market leader in the design, development and manufacture of precision testing solutions and support services within the global textile industry, working in markets as diverse as Apparel to Automotive.

James Heal joined RTC North’s Innovate 2 Succeed programme and received tailored support to assist the company to enhance innovation management capability and processes. 


The Challenge

Amanda McLaren, Managing Director of James Heal Ltd. said:

“As a result of our expertise in this the design manufacturing sector, we have built up a number of very credible relationships with key retailers globally, companies like Adidas, Nike, Marks & Spencer, Next, and many more high street brands that require quality using credible, professional pieces of equipment.

“One of the things that got us thinking about the future was considering that lab environment that James Heal have had such a present in for so many years and thinking about what that lad would look like in the future. That led us into a project that defined our vision of that lab of the future.


The Solution

“We appreciated we needed some help particularly from a potential funding point of view because this was very new technology we were considering, and we turned to Innovate UK who at that time were giving some grants which we believed we could tap into.

“We were partnered with Lucid, who helped us really understand the hypothesis of what we were trying to achieve. We have had a very positive relationship with RTC for quite some time.

“Myself and our Innovation Director Neil Pryke have attended a number of events held by RTC. We find it incredibly inspiring attending these events and certainly from a networking point of view having the opportunity to exchange stories and ambitions and take some things away that have helped us improve our business performance or considerations when it comes to projects.


The Result

“I believe that as a growing business, tapping into companies like Innovate UK and RTC helps you fulfill those ambitions and gives you the supporting mechanisms you need to really push that growth.”

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