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High Force Research case study
High Force Research case study

Established in 1988, High Force Research (HFR) are a chemistry contract research organisation (CRO) with offices in Durham, Redcar and Cheshire. They collaborate with discovery groups, start-ups and spin-offs from academia on the research and development of production processes of fine chemicals/pharmaceutical intermediaries.

Dr Jennifer Wallis AMRSC, Business Development Executive at HFR has started to work with RTC in early 2017 when she joined the company. In the next few lines Jennifer talks about HFR’s experience of working with RTC and the support they have received from our advisors and how that support has helped them overcome challenges to continue to develop and grow.


“Our challenge was finding the right people to talk to within the NHS or how to collaborate with research groups and clinicians to get products to market”


“We have an office over in the North West, so we have had interactions with Jens Boehm and Angela Smith from RTC’s North West office.

“Angela helped us set up a business profile for HFR - regarding our chemical research & development services.

“Following that, we immediately got a few people interested in talking to us and finding out more about business, and soon gained a new client because of that.

“From this, Angela brought to our attention the Global Accelerator Visit to Switzerland which we applied for and successfully got.

We have also received fantastic support from Claire Robinson from the Sunderland office who is always bringing potential conferences and workshops to our attention that we may be interested in, which is fantastic.”

HFR have benefited from a grant funding which is needed to enable office expansion and the conversion of existing offices to modern laboratories.


“Our trip to Switzerland was extremely helpful for getting to know the Swiss market and brought us into contact with several UK companies who we may work with in the future.”

“RTC has helped us win new business and is also constantly bringing our attention to events that may help us meet new people!”

RTC has helped us win new business and is also constantly bringing our attention to events that may help us meet new people!
Jennifer Wallis
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